The sign on the gate of Sky Park Farm - taken at sunrise

Sky Park Farm was purchased by its current owners, Pierce and Victoria Noonan in August 2016, the realisation of Pierce’s lifetime ambition to own a working farm. Pierce takes a very hands on approach to running the farm, which he combines with his other business interests.

The deer farm is overseen by Dominic Strutt, who also looks after the smallholding at the Noonan family home (Sky House) as well as Quebec Cottage. Red deer are very much at the heart of Sky Park Farm and the reason for this is quite simple - Dominic is passionate about them and it is a testament to his hard work, skill, enthusiasm and artistry that Sky Park Farm is what it is today.

Sky Park Farm comprises 75 acres of magnificent countryside in the South Downs National Park. The land has been divided into fifteen separate paddocks of varying sizes, each connected to the other by a series races, which are essential for the safe movement of deer between paddocks. These races, which are effectively a fenced-off track make it possible to move deer seamlessly around the whole farm including to the bespoke central handling system where all the animals wellbeing is closely monitored using state of the art technology.

In a bid to establish our own unique set of genetics we travelled the length and breadth of the country specially selecting our initial breeding stock from a mixture of renowned deer farms, including the world famous Duke of Bedford’s Estate at Woburn Abbey. The first of these Red deer (61 rutted hinds) arrived at Sky Park Farm in mid December 2016, with a further 24 yearling hinds arriving six-months later; the numbers growing yet further in June 2017 with the exciting birth of the first batch of 40 new calves.

These numbers will continue to rise over the coming years as a result of retaining stock from our own breeding program, combined with our core business of producing quality animals suitable for both live sales as breeding stock, as well as for the table as venison.